Unique Line of Trademarked Greeting Cards... To Celebrate the Nurturing You Give to Someone Related by Blood or Just Love™... as featured by the National Education Association, the Florida Education Association, Nova Southeastern University, and praised by the Resource Development Director of the National PTA

This company enhances the greeting card industry into an industry of unparalleled diversity, equity, and inclusion (dei) that contributes positively to mental health and social growth through a new connectedness facilitated by this new terminology. Inclusiveness for all from this women-owned enterprise (field tested with the PTA in a middle school in Coral Springs, Florida and other venues throughout the U.S. with overwhelming praise and positive effects on mental health). These cards are for biological mothers and fathers, stepmothers and stepfathers, foster parents, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, cousins, friends, teachers...and even pet parents for all holidays and special occasions...by using new, trademarked terminology. This line of cards gives equal opportunity and inclusiveness for all children and adults in all types of families (traditional, non-traditional, step, foster, caregiver, orphan, pet, etc.) to have cards to give the nurturing adult on all holidays and occasions. ******Dr. marcia becker, a licensed school psychologist by the florida department of health, has observed that these cards enhance the positive mental health and social growth in students and adults through social justice and connectedness by recognition of the nurturing given and received by all, no matter what living situation or orientation one is in.******

The Fur-Ever Love Greetings Brand

Featured by the Florida Education Association and Nova Southeastern University in their articles below

Did you know that a large percentage of the homes in the United States are non-traditional, meaning both a natural mother and father are not present? 

 Help your students recognize the special caregivers in their lives.....

This Mothers and Fathers Day put a smile on their face and help them show their appreciation to that special caregivers such as a step-father, step-mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, or foster parent, even a neighbor to name a few.

Finding holiday cards for these caring people can be extremely challenging.

Yet these are the people who provide the comfort and security need. They give us the love and care that can make the biggest difference in a child's life. 

These people, who work hard everyday giving mothering and fathering to others, deserve a special line of trademarked holiday cards. These cards are also for natural mothers and fathers, as they honor the act of mothering and fathering, and for all types of caregivers on every special occasion, including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, winter holidays, graduation, etc. Not only can children (young and adult) buy the cards, but adults can purchase them for each other as well. That is why every special occasion is a…

 “Happy Mothering Day®” or “Happy Fathering Day®”.

 The websites explain it all:


Teachers should begin now to have their students purchase these cards to honor their caregivers and natural mothers and fathers and use them in their lesson of fairness, equality, making a positive difference in society, and being charitable givers. 



by Dr. Marcia (Florida  State Licensed School Psychologist) 


The woman who had lost her sister to cancer and was bringing up her niece called us her "angels" when we told her about our addition to the Mothers Day and Fathers Day Holiday. She said" I have met my angels today" and went on to say that she could not wait to get home to tell her niece about this new way to say Happy Mothers Day. 


"My niece will feel so much better, as she has been struggling with what to say to me on this holiday, and now, she has something wonderful to say that will be so warm and positive for me, " said the woman. Her niece would now be able to give her aunt a card that says Happy Mothering Day® and thank her aunt for the wonderful mothering she had been given since the death of her own mother. 


This woman's words will ring in our ears forever and further inspired us to contact mental health professionals and teachers around the country in an effort to "get the word out" about his new way to say Happy Mothering Day® or Happy Fathering Day® and on every special occasion. Please visit our Website at www.fureverlovegreetings.com

The response was so positive, with teachers even saying that we should not waste any time and that the best way to get the word out would be to make cards available for the children to purchase that teachers could then have their class purchase as a whole. Then the teachers would use the cards as a lesson for introducing this new addition to their students and keep the cards safely for them until the holidays arrived.

The teachers said how much easier these cards with the introduction to their students would make these holidays for teachers themselves and for the children in their class. This is also about children helping children and becoming charitable givers to organizations that help children.


Today, a large percentage of the homes in the United States are non-traditional, meaning both a natural mother and father are not present, and as teachers know all too well, many children have a difficult time with what to say to their caregivers.

Giving these beautiful Happy Mothering Day® card or beautiful Happy Fathering Day® cards available on our website(www.fureverlovegreetings.com), clearly expresses to the new caregiver, be it a grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin, step-mother, step-father, the child's appreciation for the mothering or fathering that person has given to them.

Additionally, these cards allow children with natural mothers and fathers to do the same and to now honor them for the hard work they do in their mothering and fathering. Almost anyone can be a mother or father, but it is the mothering and fathering they provide that is appreciated and should be expressed on every special occasion.


The following poem helps explain-


Mothers Day and Fathers Day as it approaches for many

Brings anxiety and sorrow for those who lost them if any

Why would a world want to be so cruel

As to keep this focus and make it to be their rule


I feel the most beautiful thing in this world that we know

Is the love and comfort that our mothers and fathers do show

But to lose one or the other for whatever reason may abound

Can turn even the most grounded person inside out and upside down


Let us open our hearts and minds to change with the times

To add to these days of honoring for all and for all time

Happy Mothering Day® and Happy Fathering Day® does bring

A happiness and inclusiveness that all can sing


Let all the children be able to choose

A card that honors those who give them mothering and fathering and let them not lose

Thank you to the grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, step-mother, and step-father to name a few

Who give the mothering and fathering to some and help them feel renewed


This honors our biological and adopted mothers and fathers as well

As it is not the name that brings joy in us to a swell

It is the mothering and fathering that they do provide

Let us honor them all for what they do and bring to them their deserved pride


Copyright 2006 Permission granted only to licensed teachers and licensed mental health

professionals to use this in an instructional capacity to help children become familiar with this addition


Teachers and mental health professionals should help children become familiar with this addition to these holidays now and without further delay. We all know what a positive benefit this will be for all children and adults as well.




Nova Southeastern University SharkBytes

M.B.A. Graduate Recognized by the Florida Education Association for Entrepreneurial Efforts

An M.B.A. graduate from the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship, was featured on the Florida Education Association's (FEA) Web site for her entrepreneurial efforts that support the betterment of children.

Since many children do not live in a traditional home with both a natural father and natural mother, she recognized the need for children to show their appreciation on Mother's Day and Father's Day for their special caregivers in their lives. As such, she was inspired to pursue a unique business venture, which involved the creation of a card company for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and now is expanded to give honor to nurturing adults on birthdays, and all holidays.

Unlike the traditional holiday cards available in most stores, her card company helps to promote equal opportunity for children to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day by adding more appropriate terminology for the holidays. The new terminology—Happy Mothering Day® and Happy Fathering Day®—honors both natural parents and other caregivers for their hard work in mothering and fathering.

With each purchase of a Happy Mothering Day® or Happy Fathering Day® card, another child will benefit through contributions to organizations that help children.

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"My uncle takes me fishing and teaches me sports when my father is working. These cards will be great for me to give my uncle on all holidays and special occasions."

"My same-sex parents love these cards as we focus on the acts of nurturing in raising children and not on a title."

"My husband gave me a card for being so nurturing to our beloved dog. I appreciated it so much."