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Dr. Fabienne Cadet, recently named one of the 2023 Best 40-Under-40 MBA Professors, endorses this line of unique greeting cards
This line of unique greeting cards and its trademarked terminologies has been endorsed by Dr. Fabienne Cadet, one of the 2023 Best 40-Under-40 MBA Professors. Her endorsement reads as follows: "I have taken a look at your website, and I love the product and meaning behind it. In this day and age, titles really should not be what is emphasized.  Many have several friends and family members who have been raised by people other than their biological parents and struggle with finding ways to express their appreciation and love for this person. There is definitely a void in the market for a product like this. I believe it is a project with great meaning and the ability to impact society for the better. I am always looking for ways to invoke positive change and make a difference, and I do believe that this project has this potential."  You can find out more about Dr. Cadet's prestigious honor here.
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MAY 25, 2023

Greeting card line honors modern families, relationships

 Dr. Marcia Becker, a school psychologist and advocate for improving mental health in children and families, launched Fur-Ever Love Greetings, a collection of greeting cards that aim to honor the diverse range of relationships that define modern families, now comprising 54% of U.S. families.

These cards are designed to offer an equal opportunity for all to celebrate the nurturing and love shared between individuals, whether they are related by blood or simply bound by an unbreakable bond, through an innovative approach of shifting away from the traditional focus on names or titles to a focus on positive actions that can improve the skills, confidence and interpersonal bonds that make for a more positive, happy life for children and adults alike.

In a world that is continually evolving, it is essential to recognize and embrace the rich tapestry of families that exist around us. Traditional definitions of family are evolving, and it is time for greeting cards through more modern terminologies, to reflect this reality.

According to Becker, her card line was born from her listening carefully to children and adults who identified traditions in our society that must be modified or enhanced to be fair and accessible to all, so as to provide an avenue for people from all walks of life to express their heartfelt emotions and appreciation.

“No longer will the widowed man who wants a Mother’s Day card for his children to give to his girlfriend, who is wonderfully supportive of his children, have to stand in front of displays of traditional cards and have to leave without finding the right one,” Becker said. “No longer will the motherless school girl, being brought up by her aunt, cry on Mother’s Day because she cannot find the right card for her aunt no matter how long she stands in front of numerous displays of traditional cards year after year, as her aunt is no longer just an aunt to her but yet not a mother. The terms ‘like a mother/mom,’ ‘like a father/dad,’ make her sad as the titles remind her of her loss.”

The card line addresses this and many other dynamic interpersonal relationships, according to Becker.

“So let us open our hearts and minds to change with the times and add these terminologies to these days of honoring for all and for all time,” Becker added. “The tradition of giving greeting cards is one our most positive and mentally healthy ones, so why would we want to let this tradition bring any emotional pain and stress to so many, when this line of distinct greeting cards is the perfect, equitable and long-term solution.”